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The Future of the Wedding Industry Was Cooked Up And The Results were Sweet and Sour

use the hashtag #wearethemcs

I’m still laughing from Monday night’s MCs meet up. Full-time wedding and corporate MC Jeremiah Hartmann gathered a small but passionate group of Sydney’s professional wedding MCs; including the recently crowned ‘MC of the Year’ Joseph Dimento and last years winner Elvis Miletic.

Fortunately for us, double WEOA MC Winner Rob Galati (and mentor to many MCs) also owns the chic Fratelli and Co Italian restaurant. It immediately became a friendly and funny meeting where everyone told their favourite MC.(What was said at Fratelli, stays at Fratelli OK Frank)

We all agreed that Yes, the times are changing. Not just in Australia but across the world. Jeremiah pointed out that old rituals like confetti and noisy tins on strings from the back of the couple’s getaway car have disappeared forever. These traditions wee once quaint have now lost their charm; like the demise of the family friend as MC being replaced by the professional Event Host MC. Even the old-fashioned term and title ‘Master of Ceremonies’ has reached its use-by date and has been replaced with “Event Host MC”

The future of pro wedding MCing was openly discussed with the following conclusions:

  • we are all colleagues rather than competitors. Our competition is the inept friend and distracted DJ who volunteer to MC
  • the friend as an MC is the dumbest decision a bride and groom can make – but they are still making this decision every weekend. Why?
  • some of the wedding industry ‘get it’ while others believe it’s still OK to use a friend as MC
  • the slow transition to using 100% pro is caused by the lack of new MCs; making DJs the next worst choice
  • the idea that a friend needs to know the couple personally shows that MCs have done a terrible job of educating the public about what they do
  • an MC friend has chosen from the bride’s side, then makes the groom’s side feel left out. Disadvantaged. And visa versa. However, a pro-MC is impartial and knows both sides equally
  • it will take all the venues refusing to let the couple use a friend and insisting the couple must use a pro-MC to finally put a nail in the coffin of the fumbling, mumbling, bumbling and stumbling friend as MC

Each one of us told how fortunate we are to help the bride and groom have an ultra amazing reception on this special day of the life; especially Daniel Merza and Pete Miller
And then came the MC ‘war stories’ – mostly around the abuse of alcohol; by the guests and the MC friend.

TRIVIA: 3 of the MCs went to the same school De La Salle College Ashfield incl Alfio Stuto

PS hashtag #wearethemcs

By Wedding MC Pete

My total obsession is to help speakers to expand their awesome live presentation skills and work as entertaining and organised emcees at elegant wedding receptions.

I do this via my event host masterclass and online mc directory.

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