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Calling All Wedding Emcees.

It's time to introduce yourselves ... to each other.

Let’s make Wedding Emceeing recognized and respected.

Join the first-ever community of Event Host Wedding MCs from all corners of the globe. There is power and progress when we come together in one group.

Be a part of International Wedding MC Day

Each industry has its own groups where the members talk, exchange ideas and help to grow their careers. Because the wedding emcee industry is still new and growing rapidly, there is nowhere for MCs to meet and discuss the future. Until now.

Welcome to the Wedding Emcee List.

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OUR AIM is to help you

  • network with other MCs
  • increase your earning potential
  • bounce new ideas off the brains of other emcees

THE PROBLEM for wedding emcees is

  • identification: the public is not clear about what we do
  • location: there is no central place for the public to find wedding emcees Please join the Wedding Emcee List and bring power and progress to our amazing job.

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