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Why it’s wise to have 2 Facebook profiles

Facebook burst upon the scene more than a decade ago and hit mass saturation without rules or regulations. A FAQ page was added later.

We all posted anything and everything. And some of us still do.

However, savvy business people know that having two separate Facebook accounts is a big advantage. Its cleaner for your readers. And it’s easier for you when deciding what to post. In other words, it makes you efficient with your time, thereby saving your most precious resource.

I have an MC and speakerscoach combined Facebook account and a completely different private ‘family and friends’ account.

I encourage you to create a separate emcee-only Facebook account – and keep your private life, well, private.

Make your personal Facebook account restricted and not public. Even if you put my name into Facebook Search, my personal account will never show.

Let’s face it: your work colleagues and clients are not really that much interested in your children, your holidays or what you have to eat. But your family and friends are.

If you use your Facebook account to promote your business, keep your posts focused

I post to my professional Facebook account from every event I emcee. You will not find any mention of my private life; work only. Take a look here


Having one Facebook account where you post everything can confuse your readers. Such as when your clients see you on a business stage with a microphone, and the next post is a photo of you going crazy in the crowd at a sports event with your mates. Or at church with your children; and then the next post is you introducing the bride and groom.

Anniversary: a big advantage of these separate accounts is Facebook’s annual reminder of the special event you MC’d – so it’s easy to congratulate your past clients on their wedding anniversary and wish them well; thereby leading to the most powerful of all marketing – word of mouth. Keep your Facebook MC profile ‘clean’ and up-to-date with your past clients – and they will send you business. A referral from them is money in the bank.

Otherwise, if you would rather not manage 2 separate profiles (completely understandable) then please use our own Facebook Fan Page to post from your events. You can access it here

And finally, the other bonus is that it’s free.

Facebook’s Anniversary feature easy to get referrals from your past clients

By Wedding MC Pete

My total obsession is to help speakers to expand their awesome live presentation skills and work as entertaining and organised emcees at elegant wedding receptions.

I do this via my event host masterclass and online mc directory.

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